Creating a Brand Around Your Freelance Services

When choosing colors and design, think back to your audience and what they’d want. The best practice is to keep it at 2-3 brand colors; it’s best not to overwhelm the viewer.

This is the same with font or typography. Choose fonts that communicate your message and brand personality without creating an eyesore for those coming to your site. The different text will require different font styles: your site header will not look the same as your blog copy. The header is about grabbing attention, while body copy should be easy to read.

You can create your own font, buy fonts from font sites, or use those that are available to you in your website builder. Additionally, you could also work with a graphic designer to help develop the perfect font.

5. Have strong copy

This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of your brand identity: the words you say! Whether in your “about me” or “services and rates” section, you need to have a clear, strong, and engaging voice.

It’s also important to have an editor or other languages professional (have any writing friends who can be bought with pizza?) look over your site to ensure you have a few grammar and spelling mistakes. Even if you’re a freelance writer, it’s a good idea to have someone else look over your work.

Part of developing a copy is also using your brand personality to determine your writer’s voice. Do you want to take a humorous, relatable approach, or keep things professional?

Try and keep all elements of your site consistent.

6. Prepare marketing materials

Last but not least, make sure you’re prepared for all business occasions. Be sure to create an email signature that includes the logo you created on your website, an email marketing best practice. Have business cards developed with the same color scheme of your website.

If you include links to your social media on your website, make sure those profiles display the content you’d want potential clients to see. For example, a photographer might want to link to their photography Instagram, but may not need to showcase their Twitter.

Who are you?

An age-old question that we’re all trying to answer as we venture through the various stages of life. The good news is, no one has to know right now. As a freelancer, you can constantly challenge your current state and reinvent newer, better versions of your brand and yourself. This is just a place to get started to help grow your business and create word of mouth marketing.

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