21 Powerful New Features In Photoshop 2021

Adobe has released the newest version of Photoshop CC (version 22.0.0) that comes with exciting new AI features for artists, designers, and photographers.

The Smart Portrait Neural Filter lets you control facial expressions of the subject in the photograph.

You can even changed their head direction, light, direction, gaze, and hair thickness.

The Colorize Neural Filter csn turn any black-and-white-photo into a colored photo.

The Pattern Preview feature gives you a real-time infinite preview of the pattern that you’re creating, thus allowing you to create seamless patterns.

Live Shapes are now more enhanced an you can modify them even after reating. You can also reset Smart Objects to their original form no matter how much you’ve transformed them.

In this comprehensive and in-depth tutorial, Photoshop instructor Unmesh Dinda from PIXimperfect takes you through the top 21 new features and updates in Photoshop 2021.

He Provides a demo of each featured and shares useful tips that will improve your Photoshop workflow. Watch below






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