30 Creative Wordmarks That Use Negative Space Brilliantly

Netherlands-based logo designer Sander has come up with an interesting project that features typography logos (or Wordmarks as he prefers to call them) of common words we use every day.

He uses the negative space between the letters to create objects that  visually represent the meanings of the words.

For example, the design of the world SHARP consists of a knife in the negative space between the letters R and P.

Tbhe word SLOW features a snail between the letters L and O.

The word EXPLODE consists of a mushroom cloud between the letters O and D.

Sander create these wordmarks in Adobe Illustrator. He types the world using a bold sans-serif typeface such as Nimbus Sans Bold, and then looks for negative space possibilities.

He uses the Pen tool create objects between the negative spaces, the Shape Builder Toll to combine and extract shapes, and Direct Selection Tool to edit paths.

Check out the best wordmarks from the project below.


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