Finnaly, a Photoshop FaceMask For All Graphic Designers

Advertising creatives Jose Miguel Ramirez and Michael Kleinman came up with a cool face mask for designers that looked like a transparent Photoshop layer, symbolizing the Mask Tool.

The Photoshop Mask, Mask measured 7″ x 4″ and consisted of a sublimated polyester exterior with a soft microfiber lining and elastic ear loops.

The initial batch of masks were released in limited quantity and were sold out within 24 hours.

Ramirez and Kleinman launched a second round of production which was sold out in 2 days.

Eventually, Adobe sent a copyright infringement letter that terminated the site.

All profits from the sale of these masks went to the Feeding America COVID-19 Relief Fund.

the project provided 1940 meals for families in need.

Check out the product images below.


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