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PhotoMosaic Generator – Photoshop Extension

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PhotoMosaic Generator – Photoshop Extension

PhotoMosaic Generator is a Photoshop extension which creates real photographic mosaics – many pictures (textures) are arranged and resized so they resemble another picture. It is a form of photo collage.

What is a real photographic mosaic? It is a mosaic where the main image is constructed only out of smaller images (textures). Fake mosaics have the main image blended over a grid of textures.

Creating a real photographic mosaic manually is an extremely laborious task even for the professionals: the scene must be deconstructed into a matrix of areas (squares or “cells”) with higher and lower detail – areas of higher detail will need to display many more images(textures) but smaller, than areas of lower detail.

Each cell of the matrix (could be thousands or tens of thousands) must be filled with the most similar texture (out of a collection of textures). If the best suited texture available is not a perfect match in terms of colors/brightness, it must be adjusted.

PhotoMosaic Generator does all these automatically.

This extension requires Photoshop CC 2015.5 and Oil Paint Filter available (present by default).


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