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Watercolor Potrait Photoshop Effect

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Watercolor Portrait Effect is a premium addon for Photoshop cs5, cs6, and the latest CC that allows you to generate realistic watercolor paintings out of photos.

This realistic effect allows you to selectively increase the detail in any area of the result, so it’s ideal for portraits where you need finer details around the eyes, nose, and mouth while the rest of the image should stay more loose and abstract. (See image #3 for a visual example of this)

You can increase the painted details selectively, anywhere on any image. It works great for images of people, pets, and more! If you want a watercolor effect where have control over the level of detail than this effect is for you.

This effect features a hot-press watercolor paper texture, optional pencil sketch outlines, and control over the looseness or sharpness of the painted details. Multiple masks and adjustment options are included so you can customize your paintings conveniently and instantly!

Watercolor Portrait Effect is ideal for making posters, greeting cards, postcards, and more out of almost any type of image or shape. You can sell your designs on Etsy, create posters to decorate your home, or make your own salable watercolor elements and clip art!

Please note that this effect is very thorough and may require up to 3 minutes to apply. A loading bar will show the progress while the effect is working. After it’s done, you can edit the image, level of detail, sketching, textures, and colors instantly and without waiting for it to load again.

This effect is easy to use, even if you are a beginner in photoshop! I’ve included a short, concise, and narrated video tutorial — feel free to check it out


Specs, resolution, and technical details: The resulting effect is (width)2400px by (height)3000px. This is 300dpi for an 8″ by 10″ poster. A smart scaler tool is included. This allows you to scale the final watercolor result to 6000px by 4800px — this is handy if you are printing the effect at high resolution on print sizes exceeding 25 inches. This is a rare circumstance, so the scaler tool is very optional.


  • Is this a self-contained addon? Do I need anything else to make it work? You only need to have photoshop CS5, CS6, or any of the creative cloud versions. No other products or add-ons are necessary.
  • Can I sell what I make with this addon? Please purchase the Commercial License option above if you want to sell your designs.
  • Will this addon work with Gimp or Corel Draw? No – this addon will only work with Photoshop CS5, CS6, or CC.
  • Does this addon come with customer support? Yes! If you have trouble getting the addon to work, please email me, and I’ll follow up immediately. My email address is inside the readme text file. You can also send me a message directly to my shop on Creative Market, or leave a comment below.

Here are some great ways to use this addon:

  • Create posters from photographs.
  • Create typography/quote posters with abstract watercolor backgrounds.
  • Create watercolor city skyline posters for major cities, great for Etsy!
  • Create unique watercolor wedding invitations.
  • Turn your travel photos into posters and greeting cards.
  • Create round paintings of local sites and attractions, and sell them as greeting cards locally
  • Turn photographs or scans of marker illustrations into watercolor element

*This effect is a premium sixth-generation effect created with over 6 months of experimentation and color research. Watercolor is my passion and I’ve made it my mission to create the best watercolor effects for photoshop.3


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